Zipper Boots

Step out into the spotlight with these sexy boots with zippers from Sinful Shoes. Our customers are crazy about these sultry styles featuring zippers. Whether it’s a chic little ankle boot or an irresistible pair of thigh-highs, these boots are made for showing off what your mama gave you.
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6" Ankle Boot (DOMINA-1023)

6" Ankle Boot (DOMINA-1023)

Pleaser Shoes

6" (152MM) Heel, Ankle Boot w/ Interchangeable Ankle Cuffs, Full Inner Side Zip Closure (DOMINA-1023)

Black Patent

3" Wide Calf GoGo Boot (GOGO-300WC)


3" (7.6cm) Block Heel, Gogo Plus Size Boot, Full Inner Side Zipper - Wide Width/Shaft (GOGO-300WC) This boot is the wide version of the GOGO-300