5" Heel Mule Platform Sandal with Rhinestones (COCKTAIL-501DM)


5" Heel Mule Sandal with Rhinestone embellished heel and a rhinestone embellished 1" Platform and features a wider base, lower arch & slightly thicker heel.(COCKTAIL-501DM)

  • These shoes are also a great choice for individuals who need a pair of sexy shoes that offers a bit more support than some slimmer styles. These figure competition shoes have the classic look of a small platform and clear materials but with a bit more support where you need it most. A wider base and thicker heel ensures that you don’t feel like you’re teetering on a tiny stiletto heel. The lower arch also helps to create a more comfortable experience that won’t leave your feet aching afterward. This makes figure competition shoes an excellent choice for those who need to be on their feet all day or who have wider feet. The look of the shoes, however, is right in line with the taller figure competition heels, ensuring that others will likely never even notice a difference as you walk past.