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Cos-Play and Roleplay: Shoes to Complete the Look

Posted by SinfulShoes Staff on 8/31/2018

Have you heard the expression, “The clothes make the man?” Well, certain shoes make the outfit, especially when we are talking about cos-play or role play. Imagine dressing as a super sexy and slutty nurse but wearing crocs on your feet! Hell no girlfriend, you can’t wear just any footwear with a sexed-up costume, you must find the perfect shoes to match the occasion. Here are just some suggestions on how to get the perfect look with the perfect shoes.


Recommended Mary Jane: 4 1/2" Fantasma Heel

Mary Janes are a classic style shoe available in heels, platforms and flats. Characterized by a single strap going across the top of the foot, the Mary Jane shoe is most notably paired with school girl or professor / teacher type costumes. There are also a wide array of themed Mary Janes, such as “gangster,” neon or red glitter (think Wizard of Oz), which can make any costume perfect. Pair these sexy shoes with knee high socks and you will be good to go back to school or strut down the yellow brick road.


Recommended Sneaker Bootie: 6" Lace-Up Bootie

Heels that look like gym shoes, who would’ve thought they could be so sexy! Pair these winning athletic heels with a tight, slutty baseball jersey, or a basketball themed skirt and bikini top and you have the makings of a sure-to-score evening. Or, simply don a pair of running shorts and a super tight tank top and wear a baseball cap backwards and these shoes will complete the look.


Recommended Cuff Boots: 4 1/2" Knee High w/ Buckles

Pretty pirate or swashbuckling wench, these knee-high cuff boots go perfectly with stretch pants or super short skirts paired with corsets. Extend them up to the knee, or fold them down around the calves, either way they complete the ensemble.


Recommended Platform Boot: 6" Lace-Up Ankle Boot

Whether these are thigh high, knee high, or ankle booties, the platform boot is a great way to turn any outfit into something dark and sexy. Pair it with a corset, thigh high stockings, a garter belt and a whip and you have a Dominatrix! Wear a skin-tight dress, lace gloves, a buckled corset and a top hat and you are in the Steampunk era! Universal, sexy and makes any costume pop.


Recommended Superhero Boot: 4" GoGo Glitter Boot

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SUPER SEXY GIRL! Super hero go-go boots will turn you instantly into Wonder Woman or Batgirl. Or, make up your own super hero, perhaps Orgasm Girl!

LACE UP CALF BOOTS ("Granny Boots")

Recommended "Granny Boot": 3" Block Heel Boot

These vintage looking boots were popular in the 1800s, think Little House On The Prairie. They are really fun and sexy when paired with an old-fashioned petticoat (that fluffy under-the-skirt thing), and a super tight corset! Throw on a garter belt and some lace gloves and you have yourself one sexy outfit.


Recommended Platform Stiletto: 6 1/2" Ellie Stiletto

These are truly the “go with anything” shoes. Platform stilettos are characterized by tall, think heels and thick platform bases. They come in a variety of colors, with or without straps, and some even light up. They are the quintessential ‘stripper’ shoe and can vamp up any costume. A definite must-have.


Recommended Thigh High Boot: 6 1/2" Open Toe Platform Boot

Nothing is more universal than a pair of plain black, thigh-high stripper boots. Pair them with ANY costume and it is automatically sexy. Wanna be a sexy cop? Add the boots. Sexy nurse? Boots. Sexy professor? Boots. Trust me when I say this: Thigh-High Boots = sexy.


Recommended GoGo Boot: 5" Platform GoGo Boot

These vintage, 1960’s boots are knee high, usually patent leather or polyurethane, and they just scream hippie days! Pair them with a flower-power dress or pretty much any costume and you have yourself a free-love situation. Go-go boots go with any costume to add a little extra sex kitten.

Men's Costume Shoes

Recommended Men's Costume Shoe: 3 1/2" Disco Shoe

Women are not the only ones who want to get dressed up or role play. There are many different men’s style available in both shoes – gangster flats, disco shoes, or gold tipped mafia shoes – or even a selection of boots such as gladiator boots or policeman boots. Men can accessorize with shoes too and the right shoe can make all the difference.

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