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10 Best Stripper Boots

Posted by SinfulShoes Staff on 8/31/2018

10 Best Stripper Boots

When we think of strippers we tend to think about super high heels that are clear plastic or maybe light up. Or, perhaps, stilettos with sexy straps or buckles. Do we, however, think about strippers in boots? Heck yeah we do! Boots can be even more sexy than shoes! And strippers and non-strippers alike love them. Here are 10 of the best types of stripper BOOTS!


In a way, Go Go style boots are the vintage stripper boot because they were invented during one of the sexiest times in history – the 1960s! The years of flower power, bright colors, and these sexy and vibrantly colored knee-high boots that everyone seemed to be wearing. They are simple and almost understated, usually have a lower, chunkier heel, and often come in a shiny leather or plastic material. Go Go boots bring sexy back from the 1960s baby.

Recommended GoGo Boot: 5" Platform Knee High Boot


Boots with buckles are unbelievably sexy! There is something about buckles on boots that appeals to our sense of sex appeal. The silver metals contrasting with the smooth leather of a boot makes us think about power and control, perhaps even a bit of a Dominatrix vibe. Any heel height, any boot height, becomes seriously sexy when buckles are added.

Recommended Buckle Boot: 4 1/2" Buckle Up Calf Boot


The epitome of sultry, sexy and, yes, even slutty, the thigh high boots are where it’s at for seductive boot wearers. The “legs for days” look is easy to accomplish with boots that go up to mid-thigh. The contrast between the boot and naked skin is stirring and the eye naturally travels right up, up past the boot and to the, well, you know. Thigh high boots are natural for a stripper to wear because when everything but the boots comes off, this boots still make a statement.

Recommended Thigh High Boot: 5 1/4" Lace-Up Boot


A majority of boots seem to have zippers, so when you see a boot that laces up it is instantly unique! Especially knee high or thigh high boots that lace up like a corset would. Whether the laces are eye-hook style, or a flirty ribbon tie, lacing yourself into a pair of sexy boots is definitely a way to go.

Recommended Lace Up Boot: 6" Lace Up Ankle Boot


Boots do not have to go up far the leg to be sexy!  Sometimes less is more, and such is the case with an ankle high boot. These are super flirty and go with everything – or nothing – and definitely draw the eye down to the foot, and then back up again.

Recommended Ankle Boot: 6" Platform Ankle Boot


Super high and thin stiletto heels are quintessential stripper wear, and they should be in every gal’s shoe closet as well. These definitional high heels help create ultra-sexy silhouettes by forcing their wearers to push out their chests, and bend their backs, in the most sultry of positions. Balancing on stilettos takes practice, but every stripper has donned a pair of these heels at one time or another.

Recommended Stiletto Boot: 7" Open Toe Neon Ankle Boot


If you are a budget-conscious consumer then the PU boots may just be the best option for you. They are designed to look like high-end leather, but on a low-end price spectrum. No matter the boot or heel height, PU boots will make you look like a million sexy bucks on a budget. Definitely a must have for strippers. Why waste your tips on expensive shoes when you can fool them all with these affordable ones!

Recommended PU Boot: 5" Platform Knee High Boot


These shiny boots are undeniably sultry and chic. The shiny material reflects light and draws the eyes right the boots – and then up from them as well. No matter the style, from knee high go-go boots to thigh highs, the shiny patent leather is classy from heel to toe.

Recommended Patent Leather Boot: 5" D-Ring Thigh Boot


The great thing about knee high boots is that they can be sexy – or SUPER sexy – depending on what you wear with them (or, don’t wear). Knee high boots can be plain, have high heels or platform heels, have buckles or embellishments, or just be plain black. They go perfectly with dresses or skirts – and look amazingly sexy with lingerie or sexy costumes. Definitely a must have.

Recommended Knee High Boot: 6 1/2" Platform Boot


Stretch boots are clingy and tight, just how you want them to be. No zippers or laces for these sexy shoes, just pull them on and you are good to go. Wear a skin-tight outfit and add in these sultry stunners and you will look good enough to eat. Plus, strippers love them because they can be easily put on, or taken off.

Recommended Stretch Boot: 6" Plain Stretch Thigh Boot